Saturday, October 3, 2009

Free to Roam

Seeing the elk graze in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park was something of a dream of mine.  I had heard they were there, but had never been lucky - or early - enough to catch them doing their thing.  One morning, we got the kids up and made the hour drive to get to the park by 7 a.m., and were thrilled to spot a small herd having a quick breakfast on the roadside.  They quickly drew a crowd, but were unfazed by me and the other shutterbugs furiously and curiously snapping away.  I imagine they must wonder what all the fuss is about; it's only breakfast, after all.  They had a quietness about them, a strength and a fascination about them that made me put my camera at my side for a bit and just watch them.  Sometimes a shutterbug just needs to know when to stop looking through the lens and just observe.

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