Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Walking with Dinosaurs

It might be obvious by now that I like alligators.  I have so many pictures of them, and I always take more when I am out and see them.  Where I live, they really are a dime a dozen, but I just never grow used to sharing space with them.  When I say I like alligators - well, like is probably too strong a word.  I appreciate them.  Anything that provokes so much fear and awe is pretty cool to me.  They are ancient creatures, a living link to eons past, when creatures 10 times this size roamed - and ruled - the earth.

This guy was just hanging out along the banks of the Alachua Sink one late morning.  He was perfectly still for as long as I watched him, and probably for much longer after I moved on.  It was a brutally hot July day in Florida, and the humidity was suffocating.  It's as if this gator was opening his mouth just a little bit in hopes that a breeze would come along and pass through his jaws, to offer some relief to his sun-baked body.  More than likely, I am thinking that he was stretching his jaws after a long nap so that he could go find some lunch!

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